Photographing mcon, The Millennial Impact

There’s never a shortage of great events to photograph in Indianapolis, and MCON13, produced by my friends at Achieve Guidance, was no exception. The conference took place at CityWay’s The Alexander, on July13, 2013, and the lineup of speakers ranged from YouTube for Good’s Jessica Mason and NPR social media director, Danielle Deabler, to actress and philanthropist, Sophia Bush, as keynote. The MCON website provides the complete list of esteemed speakers. The conferences’s purpose is to help organizations engage the millennial generation, and it explored the very different challenges and opportunities millennials face compared to previous generations. Among other highlights of the MCON initiative is the 2013 Millennial Impact Report, which has been compiled since 2010. The report provides useful research on engagement preferences of millennials to better involve them in initiatives.

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The event was well organized with a packed day of great stories told and good discussion—followed by dinner and a cool get together at The Alexander’s Market Table to close the evening.

Indianapolis based Achieve Guidance is a creative services agency that helps nonprofits grow their donor base by implementing multi-channel fundraising strategies. Achieve does this with content strategy, design services, and copy writing development. The agency’s focus is on helping clients reach the millennial demographic. Learn more about how they can help your nonprofit. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and you can also check out Achieve’s Derrick Feldmann and Kari Saratovski’s book, Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement.

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