Headshots with The Mediation Option, Indianapolis

Photographing headshots with the team at The Mediation Option was a blast. They’re a mediation alternative to the court system for individuals, families, and businesses, and they pride themselves on their comfortable, relaxing environment — much like your home — to resolve conflict in civil and family law matters. They also offer arbitration and parenting coordination.

TMO Indy wanted to update their headshots, and with their home-like interiors and partial blue walls, it made sense to extend their identity into their headshots, using their blue walls as the themed background. I created a gradient with a background light to add some pop.

You can check out more of what they do by visiting their site and liking them on Facebook. And if you’re in need of new headshots for your business, give me a call at 317-430-0017 or contact me via my site, and let’s talk!


I photograph headshot and architectural photography for a living, but I also love shooting street photography, abstract architecture and landscapes - more of it lately with my phone. I've had a camera in my hands for the past 20 years, and I currently work for clients in Indianapolis and throughout the Midwest.