Marketing & SEO Strategy

To Fail Or Not To Fail

We all know how popular embracing failure has become, and there are certainly lessons to learn from the craze. With Twitter’s #Fail Whale making all failed tweets “cute,” the social media world has fallen in love with the art of FAIL in the attempt of self-improvement. Even our bosses are encouraged to be more accepting…

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You Photograph Weddings, Pets, Portraits, Cars, And Thingamajigs, Too?

Choosing the right photographer for your project is incredibly important. This is something too many prospects don’t realize when hiring, and knowing who to hire is a fundamental aspect of good project management. Of course, this is true for any market. While it’s tempting to hire a hobbyist photog friend to save a buck—or that…

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Transparency Misunderstood

The ever-turbulent world of social media seems to have one constant — the transparency debate. The problem with much of our society is we’re trend-driven, acting on emotion instead of timeless, pragmatic principles. Rather than carefully monitoring trends, doing the research and extracting from them what works, a lot of us jump right in. Strategy…

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