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About Me

Josh Humble by Laura Neidig

Photographer for 20+ years, working in a variety of genres in both South Florida and throughout Indianapolis and The Midwest. I’ve had the privilege of working with various photographers and publications and I’m passionate about the medium. Faces and structures are what I photograph for a living, but I shoot street and landscapes, creative architecture the rest of the time. This site present my personal work and projects. Previously a designer and coder, I’m fascinated with shape, form and composition — and this carries over into my sound design, music and writing as well. All art is universal, adhering to the same underlying principles.

For headshots anywhere in the Midwest, visit DandyHeadshots.com, and for Midwest architectural photography, visit DandyArchitecture.com. Member of PPA, Headshot Crew and AIAP. If you’re an architect or interior designer, join me on Archilovers.com, and Instagram is where I hang the most.